The Clark family at Golden's Camp

My grandfather James Curtis "Curt" Clark worked for the railroad and lost his left forearm in a train accident when he was 20 years old. This handicap did not keep him from pursuing his love of fishing. Around 1927 he made his first fishing trip to Canada and fell in love with the country.

In late August of most years, he would take a week off from work without pay and head to Canada with his entire immediate family and sometimes with the beaus of his three daughters.

In 1939, the group stayed at Golden's Camp in Willisville and continued to visit most years until the mid-1950's. The camp was moved from the Willisville location in 1941 to it's present location where it is known as Bearskin Lodge. His last daughter recently died and I know she would be pleased to share these pictures with others who loved fishing in Willisville.

                                                                       Sue Giroux

The family photos of Sue Giroux: Curt       James Curtis Clark           Grandfather
                                             Mary      Mary Mauk Clark             Grandmother
                                             Bob        Robert Kessler                Uncle
                                             Virginia   Virginia Clark Kessler        Aunt & daughter of Curt
                                             Lois        Lois Clark Kessler            Aunt & daughter of Curt
                                             Paul        Paul Harris Harman          Father
                                             Helen      Helen Clark Harman         Mother
                                             Charles    Charles Clark                 Uncle & son of Curt
                                             Martha    Martha Clark                  Great aunt & wife of Homer
                                             Homer     Homer Clark                   Great uncle & brother of Curt
                                             Grace      Grace Donaldson Kessler  Mother of Bob
                                             Mabel      Mabel Kessler List           Sister of Bob
                                             Dan         Dan Kessler                   Father of Bob

                                    There will be over 100 photos in this family album.

Bob & Virginia at Golden's Camp in Willisville 1939.

Curt & Dan 1939.

Dan, Bob & Curt 1939.

Curt, Mary, Grace & Dan on the beach in front of Willisville 1939.

Dan 1939.

Golden's Camp at the present site of Willisville 1939. Notice the train and the beach.

Willisville 1940 - Blacksmith shop and ice house on the left. Lumber Company office - white house now Harold Golden's and Golden's Camp on the shore.

Grace and her catch of the day 1939.

Lois in front of the Willis home 1939.

Charles, Mary, Grace and Helen walking the tracks 1939.

Lois, Grace, Helen & Mary in front of the Willis home 1939.

Bob with his catch of the day 1940.

Bob on the Whitefish River leaving Willisville 1940.

Bob cleaning up 1940.

Bob & Paul on the beach at Willisville 1940.

Bob & Paul heading out from the Willisville docks 1940.

Paul, Helen, Bob & Virginia 1940.

Curt & Bob in Little Current 1940.

Bob, Curt & Mary at the Willisville docks 1940.

Willisville with Willisville Mountain in the background 1940.

West end of Frood Lake "The Horseshoe" with the quarry mountain and train tracks 1940.

Willisville & Golden's Camp. The camp laundry is on the clothesline on the right. 1940

Looking north to Willisville Mountain on what is now Hiway 6 1940.

Looking up the Whitefish River from Willisville where the present day Bearskin Lodge is located 1940.

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