Post Managers at Fort La Cloche

Reprinted with permission from;

Culture, Heritage and Tourism
Hudson's Bay Company Archives
Archives of Manitoba


1821-1833    John McBean, Chief Factor

1833-1834    William Cowie, Clerk

1834-1837    John McBean, Chief Factor

1837-1838    Angus Bethune, Chief Factor

1839-1844    John Dugald Cameron, Chief Factor

1844-1850    Alexander W. Buchanan, Clerk

1850-1853    Wemyss M. Simpson, Clerk

1853-1855    Wemyss M. Simpson, Chief Trader

1855-1858    George Simpson McTavish, Clerk

1858-1860    Robert Seaborn Miles, Chief Factor

1860            Robert Crawford, Clerk

1860-1862    James S. Watt, Chief Trader

1862-1866    Peter W. Bell, Clerk

1866-1872    Roderick McKenzie Sr., Chief Trader

1872-1876    Joseph Hardisty, Factor

1876-1879    George McKenzie, Jr Chief Trader

1879-1882    Alexander Sinclair, Jr Chief Trader

1882-1884    Murdoch Matheson, Jr Chief Trader

1884-1885    Donald C. McTavish, Jr Chief Trader

1885-1889    Donald C. McTavish, Chief Trader

1889-1891    Charles E. Buck, Postmaster


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