La Cloche Family Albums

Enjoy the history of the La Cloche area through these family albums thoughtfully shared by family members.

If you have photos for a family album please send them along to along with the photo information. Each photo album page can display 27 photographs so please try to send at least 20 photographs for your Family Album.

In the early 1920's the Bull Family first came to Miller    Bay and these photographs help to document the first 60 years.

Bull Archives 1    Bull Archives 2    Bull Archives 3


In August of 1948 Peg and Don Forbes spent two weeks camping and photographing in McGregor Bay. New photos will be added weekly to this album.

McGregor Bay 1948 Camping Expedition




The Tilston Family lived in Willisville from the 40s to the 70s and Mike Tilston has provided us with photographs from each decade.

Tilston Family Album


Moredolphton Lodge, now known as Island Lodge, was a private lodge located in the Bay of Islands. Richard Englert worked there the summer of 1947 and has many fond memories of the blueberry pies, fishing and helping out in the kitchen.

Moredolphton Lodge Bay of Islands

"That was a fun summer from first week of June to end of August.    I applied for the job as porter and handyman in Jan 1947 and got Tony Vilsack (grandfather founded Iron City Beer) to go up to the Club and work...  Two profs from Pitt drove us up and we had a great experience....The kids would not do it today we got free room and board but NO PAY,,,  Eat with the Indians and other help in the kitchen...   I got to know the baker and she would make me blueberry pies with the blueberries I would pick on the island.  We had pies and fish all the time....and I cleaned the watch out.  Yum Yummmmm" - Richard Englert 2004

The Rockwood family starting vacationing at Charlton Lake in the 1920's and the original cabin is still used by the family. These photographs portray the family vacations in the 1930s and 40s.

The Rockwood Family Photo Gallery


The Clark family stayed at Golden's Camp in Willisville in 1939 and continued to visit most years until the mid-1950's. The camp was moved from the Willisville location in 1941 to it's present location where it is known as Bearskin Lodge.

The Clark Family Album



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