History and Stories of the La Cloche Area


If you have a story, article or historical fact         about the La Cloche area please send it along to info@willisville.ca



A Brief History of the Ernest Willis Family

A Brief History of Willisville

Golden Moments of the Golden Family

A Tale of Fort La Cloche

Post Managers at Fort La Cloche

Artists and Photographers of La Cloche

The History of Fort La Cloche

Willisville and Area Place Names

Franklin Carmichael's Rock

A. J. Casson - revisiting La Cloche

Group of 7 Photo Gallery

History of the Killarney Area

History of the Rail Line

La Cloche Art Show History

Baie Fine - The Ruth Johnson Collection

The Story of Fleet Admiral Loyd Brake

Adventures in Rainbow Country

A. J. Casson & La Cloche




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