Group of Seven Photo Gallery
Sue and Jim Waddington of Hamilton love the beauty of the La Cloche mountains. Each winter they study the paintings of the Group of Seven artists and by comparing the paintings to maps they try to determine the places the paintings were made. They spend their vacations canoeing in the area looking for the locations that were used for the paintings. They scrabble around the rocks looking for the place that the painter sat while painting. When they find the site they take a picture of the scene. Some of the views are quite different now than they were when the area was visited by A.Y. Jackson, Franklin Carmichael, A.J. Casson, Arthur Lismer and Lawren Harris. The trees have grown back after logging and fires. One can sometimes find the right place but there are too many trees to take a good picture. Of course the artist did not want to reproduce nature but interpret it so the views are sometimes rather different. In 2013 their book will be published by the Art Gallery of Sudbury.