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    A beautiful place that is rich in history and the focus of the Willisville Mountain Project. Enjoy some of the stories, people, views and traditions of the Mountain.

    All of these photographs are courtesy of the contributors to www.willisville.ca where all of the photos are displayed. The Franklin Carmichael, A. J. Casson & Joachim Gauthier photos are contributed by Paul Gauthier.

    If you have photos to contribute please email them to willisvillemountain@gmail.com

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Willisville in 1940 before the Inco houses and the east side of the Mountain.

A blast at Lawson Quarry in 1942 taken from Willisville Mountain.

The view from the Mountain in 1942.

Robert Kessler & friend climbing Willisville Mountain in 1942. Notice the beach and trees around Frood Lake.

Circa 1960 with signpost for Willisville, Golden's Camp & Kerr's Camp.

Willisville Mountain from the east.

Willisville Mountain August 28, 2008 by Christi Belcourt

Cesar Forero atop Willisville Mountain looking at the quarry. August 23, 2008

Looking east from Willisville Mountain. June 2008 from D'Arcy O'Neill.

The Willisville Mountain Project

Willisville Mountain Page 2