Willisville Mountain

    A beautiful place that is rich in history and the focus of the Willisville Mountain Project. Enjoy some of the stories, people, views and traditions of the Mountain.

    All of these photographs are courtesy of the contributors to www.willisville.ca where all of the photos are displayed. The Franklin Carmichael, A. J. Casson & Joachim Gauthier photos are contributed by Paul Gauthier.

    If you have photos to contribute please email them to willisvillemountain@gmail.com

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Jack Burke's fire tower guest book from August 13, 1927 includes the signatures of the Bulls from Miller Bay who were attending Camp Manitou.

Bruno Cavallo who was a friend and contemporary of members of the Group of 7 painted Willisville Mountain and area for decades.

Joachim Gauthier, who took the famous Grace Lake photo of Carmichael, and Franklin Carmichael painted Willisville Mountain and Ontario landscapes.

The Ernest Willis family circa 1918. Ernie Willis was killed on Willisville Mountain when pulling down a dry pine with a team of horses.

Joachim Gauthier took this famous photo of Franklin Carmichael at Grace Lake during one of their many sketching trips in the Willisville Mountain area

The Golden family has been in Willisville since the early 1900's. Harold and MaryLou are the backbone of the village.

Joachim Gauthier & A. J. Casson both painted the view from Willisville Mountain and many other Ontario landscapes.

Jack Burke was the fire ranger at the Willisville Fire Tower from 1927 until the late 50s.

La Cloche Sunbeam, a view from Willisville Mountain at dawn by Jon Butler

Lawson Quarry in 1954. The quarry site was almost as high as Willisville Mountain before the excavation. Willisville was built for the workers.

Peg Forbes, art historian & co-founder of the La Cloche Art Show, & Willisville Mountain in 1947.

The hit series Rainbow Country was filmed here in 1969. Susan Conway as Hannah Williams and Willisville fire tower. Courtesy of William Davidson.

The White Pine from Willisville Mountain by Jon Butler.

The Willisville fire tower atop of Willisville Mountain in the 30's.

The view of the Mountain before Highway 6 was even thought of.

A view of Willisville, Frood Lake and the Notch from Willisville Mountain in the 40s by H. Cummings

An early postcard of Highway 6 and Willisville Mountain. The 1960s.

Happy New Year 2008 from the top of Willisville Mountain from Andy, Shaun & Devyn Steel & Vicki Butler. A destination for thousands of visitors.

In the late 1950's a traffic accident sent elephants up Willisville Mountain to Jack Burke's water barrels. Not a real photo but a real story!!!!!

Sue Waddington, Kerry Butler & Jim Waddington searching out the Group of 7 painting sites on Willisville Mountain. Carmichael, Casson, Jackson.

Visions of La Cloche by Jon Butler from Willisvile Mountain.

Celebrating 2008 on the Willisville Mountain Tom Kelley's family has been here since the 1920s. Linda & Tom Kelley, Kerry & Jon Butler.

The bridge on the way to the summit. Is there a gnome under this bridge? Kerry, Sam, Andy (the dog), Loren & Vanessa Butler 2001.

The view from the fire tower on Willisville Mountain in 1953.

The Willisville Mountain Project

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